Never handwrite an overtime form again

Record, claim and audit your Queensland Health overtime from one app.

Designed to maximise income for Australian Doctors

Never lose track of the wages you've worked hard for


Never forget a shift


No more handwritten overtime forms


Get paid what you're owed

How it Works

1) Record your Shifts

Document the work you've done by recording when you started and when you finished.

If you want to, leave a note in the comments to explain why you went into overtime.

2) Claim your Overtime

Let Olog fill out your overtime paperwork for you, delivered straight to your email.

3) Submit your Forms

One day, Olog will integrate with your employer directly. Until that day comes, print your form and submit it to your line manager as you normally would.

4) Mark your Claim as Paid

When your wages arrive in your bank account, mark the claim as "Paid" to ensure you never miss out.